Thursday, April 8, 2010

1001 Paper Cranes

The use of folding and squashing techniques on a simple square piece of paper can become quite the work of art.
My last semester of school I took a Fibers class and my new love for paper making unfolded (no pun intended). At first thought, paper was simple and boring to me but then I learned the process of paper and how it can be made out of just about anything, not just trees:(bananas, mushrooms, dead crickets, etc.) it was really neat going through the wet and dry process of paper making. We later had to put our new made paper into some type of art form.

This eventually lead me to a new found hobby, Origami! The art of folding a thin piece of a paper into a work of art. Here are some of my findings I thoroughly enjoyed and am most intrigued by!

This is my absolute favorite.

These are micro cranes ^

I know right?

Paper cranes are one of the most commonly made piece of origami,
mostly because it's very simple and fun to learn.
They say if you make 1,000 paper cranes, a crane will grant you one wish and a decent amount of luck.

I'm on crane number 4 and I'm getting pretty good just 996 more!


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